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What should I expect my first visit?
Typically, your first visit will be a free consultation in which I will sit down with you and investigate your state of health through our method of pulse diagnosis and listen to your health concerns.  I will give you an informal summation of your health condition and let you know if I can help you or not.

Usually, we set aside twenty minutes.  If I think I can help you and (more importantly) you think I can help you, we will set up an "Assessment and Treatment" appointment.

During the first "Assessment and Treatment" appointment, you can expect to be here for about two hours.  In the first hour, I do a full medical intake and get myself thoroughly acquainted with your health.  The second hour is for therapy - your first acupuncture treatment.

Subsequent visits for acupuncture therapy take forty-five minutes to an hour.  It takes about ten to fifteen minutes to insert the needles and for the remainder (anywhere from thirty and forty-five minutes) you will relax with the needles and allow the therapeutic response to occur.

While you lay with the needles, the lights will be dimmed and soft with soothing music playing to calm your mind.  This relaxing mood enhances a greater capacity to rejuvenate and heal.
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