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How long will I have to continue to receive treatments?
This is not a short, simple answer because there are so many variables that influence a persons health, and they all have to be considered before offhandedly saving five, ten, fifteen, or twenty treatments.  IN my experience, a person can respond quickly, but for issues to resolve, time is a big part of the puzzle.
I have to consider how long and how severe a problem is, age and activity level, whether or not a person has had acupuncture before, as well as other factors.  All these issues are necessary to understand and make a significant difference on how short or long it may take to benefit and resolve your problem.
I prescribe to custom care, not cookie-cutter care and I don't have recipe amounts for how long a condition will need to be treated.
I look, listen and pay attention to all the pieces that make up you and your health condition and custom-formulate a plan to raise your overall state of health to a high level of function.  But, if a patients' concern is one or two major issues, then I will provide custom care for those specific issues alone.
Through my assessment process, we will gain an approximate idea of what it will take to resolve your health concerns - one or two of them or all of them - major or minor.
My mission is to help all the people I can to have a happy and healthy life and do so as efficient as possible.
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