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Does acupuncture hurt?
There is a sensation which can range anywhere between a mosquito bit to a bee sting. 

Many patients have commented, "I thought acupuncture didn't hurt", to which I usually reply "I don't know who started the rumor, but it's a lie."

Some patients have commented "I didn't even feel that one" or "How come I feel some and others I don't?" 

Historically, a Chinese patient judges the doctor based on the ability to get a strong reaction.  Typically, from the moment the sensation from the needle is felt it is within seconds that the pain or problem of concern is reduced or completely relieved.  The doctor is usually placed in high regard as a result.

The Japanese, however, thought about this was different.  The doctor treated his patients from the premise:  If a patient is in pain, we should not create more pain with the use of our therapy.  Knowing that it won't hurt, definitely reassures the patient.

Realistically though, acupuncture requires the use of needles.  The amount of discomfort felt will ultimately be dependant on the skill of the acupuncturist chosen.

I personally take the middle road of the two.  I am able to control the strength of the sensation, usually, but there are times when a health condition requires the use of stronger stimulation.

Some conditions elevate the inflammatory response and hyperdrive the nervous system making some points more reactive than others.  Most times there is a reciprocating response between health problems and acupuncture points.  For example, if a patient has knee pain then the sites chosen to treat that problem may be very tender and/or reactive.  This usually indicates to the acupuncturist that appropriateness of the treatment.

But overall, the priority we take is the comfort of our patients.  We want our patients to have a pleasant and effective experience.

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