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What medical conditions can acupuncture treat?
Before I provide a list of treatable conditions, please allow me to convey some relative concepts.

To begin, this medical modality has been in practice for over 3,500 years.  Over these centuries and millennia, many volumes of information on the use of acupuncture for various health concerns have been recorded.  "Time-tested" is truly quite an understatement.  Furthermore, the information that has been recorded and passed down over the few thousands of years is based on clinical practice, recorded by doctors over the few thousands of years is based on clinical practice, recorded by doctors specifically applying this medicine day in and day out.  With the exception of Asian Herbal Medicine, no other medicine in practice today can touch such a vast wealth of "clinical trials".  To say the least, acupuncture has a great time-tested track record.

Secondly, a better understanding of acupuncture is beginning to surface thanks to current, modern day science and research.  It allows us to understand why and how acupuncture has such an amazing and miraculous effect and benefit.  Acupuncture is based directly in the nervous system and has a primary influence on blood circulation.  For all intended purposes, the nervous system is our biological computer, capable of greater capacities for processes than any super-computer.

The nervous system inervates and blood circulates from bone to skin and from head to toe.  Acupuncture works directly with the nervous system, influencing the circulation of the various vital fluids the human body needs - blood, lymph, collagen, and many other vital chemical reactions.  Acupuncture can treat and influence every aspect of a persons health.

Acupuncture can have far reaching benefits and tremendous implications on a persons health. I've provided over twenty-six thousand acupuncture treatments and it is still so amazing to watch this medicine work.

The following is a list of conditions I have successfully treated many times:

Acute & Chronic Pain ~ Addiction ~ Allergies & Sinusitis ~ Arthritis & Joint Pain ~ Anxiety ~ Asthma & Bronchitis ~ Bells Palsy
Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain ~ Bursitis & Tendonitis ~ Cardiovascular Disease ~ Chronic Fatigue
Common Cold & Flu ~ Cysitis ~ Depression ~ Fibromyalgia ~ Gastrointestinal Disorders ~ Headaches & Migraines
Hip, Leg & Sciatica Pain ~ Hemorrhoids ~ Hormonal Disorders~ Hypertension ~ Incontinence ~ Infertility
Liver Disease & Hepatitis ~ Menopause  ~ Menstrual Disorders ~ Metabolic Disorders
Pain (any and all types) ~ Peripheral Neuropathy ~ Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) ~ Smoking ~ Sports Injuries
Stroke & Paralysis  ~ Substance Abuse ~ Thyroid Disease ~ Weight Loss
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