July 27, 2016

My Journey

I got the official word on July 8, 2016. I immediately made the known changes I should make – basically going strict vegetarian. No sugar, no meat/animal products of any kind, no salt/sodium. Strictly organic fruits and vegetables.

All things I’ve told my cancer patients. I’m juicing special recipes and only eating whatever is gonna boost my immune system and/or kill cancer. It’s very bland, but if that’s the worst it gets, I’m good. Not to mention… this is a great fast track weight loss diet. I’d been workin out and eating a moderately healthy diet, but man since July 8th I’ve gone from 205lbs to 191lbs. I feel great. This is a direct result of the diet not the cancer. Really…

It’s kinda stupid. (aside from some minor symptoms) I feel very good. It’s like a bad dream that I have this stupid diagnosis. But, I will fight it and I will win.

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