Oct. 3, 2016

My Journey The Gerson Therapy Treatments

Hi to all my friends!😃
Last Tuesday I had a surgery and received a new friend – a colostamy bag – wanna name it? This was done to prevent against a blocked bowel. They were gonna respect the tumor but he said its inoperable, so this was the next best choice, for keeping me alive. The therapies I am currently doing will still continue to attack and kill the cancer cells, but we want to find other, more specific ways to dissolve/destroy/kill it without killing me in the process. Along with what I’m currently doing, I will be looking at stronger immunotherapies and anti-angiogenesis – cutting off the blood supply to the tumors. Food therapy and certain non-toxic meds will do this.
I’m still here in the Mexican hospital, but I’ll be glad to get home this Wednesday, when I depart from here. It’s been over a month now, so I can’t wait to be be back with my wife, my puppydogs, and my home.
Love and blessings to all of you. Peace

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